Our Administrative Team

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Sharon Inglefield

Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Inglefield is a professional committed to personalized quality service. Her watchwords are practiced amongst her team of professionals – integrity, service and professionalism. She doesn’t believe in mediocrity and has worked consistently in the real estate industry since 1978 welcoming client feedback positively, so as to improve the service of the company which she mans as Massy Realty.

Sharon specializes in all aspects of real estate, but more particularly consultancy services, including market research for the development of property, valuations, request for proposals. Sharon has been with the Massy Group for over 25 years, and therefore has a wealth of product knowledge of the real estate industry and stands by her beliefs in a Group that puts integrity, people, and service first before all other aspects of business.

Sharon is also a director of Massy Properties (Trinidad) Ltd and was a board member of Massy Stores (HiLo). Sharon was also a founding member of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA) and also served as President, contributing to the industry’s education and standards for several years. She also stands on many NGO boards and is the President of Arrive Alive.

Some of her clients and that of her team include:

  • KMart x 3 sites including Barbados
  • Texaco – purchase and disposal of over 13 gas station sties as well as residential real estate
  • Mc Donalds – 4 sites
  • KFC
  • Vemco
  • PriceSmart & Price Plaza
  • Huggins; Agostini
  • McAl
  • Bptt
  • BHP Billiton
  • Exxon Mobile
  • Shell
  • EOG Resource
  • TSTT
  • British High Commission

Sharon is a director of Massy Realty, and was a board member of Hilo Food Stores. Sharon was also an early board member of the Association of Real Estate Agents contributing to the industry’s education and standards for several years.

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Vashtee Ramhit


Vashtee joined Massy Realty in October 2007 and she solely manages the financial activities for the Company.Vashtee is a qualified accountant who is responsible for compiling and analyzing our financial information, including budgets, forecast, reviews, expenditure and revenue trends, as well as the controls that are in keeping with our coperate compliance responsibilities and standards of business practices of a publicly traded company.

It is said that the “early bird catches the worm” and this statement is particularly true where Vashtee is concerned, since being an early starter, she is able to fend all types of problematic issues that sometimes arise in the workplace and find unique solutions by the time our team gets into the office.

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Alana de Montbrun

Marketing Manager

Alana has been with Massy Realty since 1994 and she is the glue that ensures the consistency in the day-to-day running of the Company.Her responsibilities include marketing and advertising, all the IT and communication systems, as well as the co-ordination and training of the 12 sales agents at Gray Street. Alana is the marketing manager at Massy Realty and she ensures that our exclusive clients are happy with the way their properties are being advertised and marketed as well as serviced by our team.

She strives for excellence, and works closely with our agents at Gray Street to assist them in making their hectic and demanding days easier! Alana has also assisted the CEO with many projects including some of the Request for Proposals and Business Plans, as for example the proposal and tendering process of the 13 developers for the BHP Billiton, Invaders Bay, A class office building comprising over 80,000 sf gross.


IMG_6185 copyDeron Assing

Office Assistant

Deron is a hard worker and is entrusted with our Company’s mail and banking. He is therefore extremely trustworthy and reliable. His pride in his job is knowing that his deliveries are always within the given timeframe. Deron prefers to be known as the funster of Massy Realty! We like to also think of him as someone with unrealized potential.