About Trinidad and Tobago

The beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, where you can go to find warmth, laughter, energy and an abundance of natural habitats. We are the most southerly islands in the Caribbean archipelago and are popular for eco-tourism. From bird watching in the Northern Range as well as the Caroni Swamp and Bird Sanctuary, to viewing leatherback turtles lay eggs. Mount Tamana, located in the Central Range of Trinidad, has the second largest bat colony in the region where you can find twelve species of bats. We also boast of the Pitch Lake which is known to be the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world.

Tobago is known for its bio-diverse tropical rainforest and beautiful sandy beaches and is host to our annual Tobago Jazz Experience which features both local and international celebrities. It is also home to the word’s largest brain coral, just off the coast of Speyside.

Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is strongly influenced by the petroleum industry. As one of the most developed nations in the Caribbean, the capital city, Port of Spain, houses the headquarters for a number of multi-national companies and local businesses, and offers a wide range of restaurants and nightlife.

Often called the rainbow country for its diversity of people, cultures and religions, bringing with it a range of foods, music and tradition. Some of our local cuisine includes curry crab and dumpling, doubles, pelau, and shark and bake. Also known as great producers of beer and rum, with Angostura Bitters being created with the same secret recipe since 1824. You can also enjoy the beat of calypso, soca and steelpan our indigenous music and musical instrument, the only acoustical instrument invented in the 20th century; or experience tassa drummers at many social events, with their origin from India. These all come into a delightful crescendo of sound at our annual Carnival time, two days of costume parades throughout the city streets.