Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Meant By Fully Furnished And Equipped?

This means that the property includes all appliances, furniture and fixtures for example beds, bedside tables, living room furniture including coffee and side tables, dining room furniture (7 pcs), lamps, carpets & rugs; pictures &/or paintings decorating the walls; as well as ornaments, cutlery, crockery and linen.

Do You Have Many Fully Furnished & Equipped Properties?

Most of our apartments and townhouses in Trinidad are fully furnished and equipped. Due to the size of most of our houses, very few are furnished.

Who Pays The Commission?

The Landlord pays the commission.

Is There A Standard Lease?

A Landlord may provide their own lease, however, Massy Realty has a standard lease which can be reviewed by your attorney.

How Long Is A Normal Lease?

A normal lease is one year with an option to renew. In some instances a short term lease can be used.

What Does The Rent Include And What Are The Commitments Of The Tenants?

This would depend on whether you are leasing a house or an apartment/townhouse. It is usual that the Tenant obligations include the payment of all utility bills for example electricity, telephone, cable and water (only where metered).

Are There Good Schools In Trinidad?

There are many good schools available in Trinidad. In fact, private schooling in Trinidad offers a very high standard of education. There are American, Canadian, British and Trinidadian schools available and willing to meet with new families upon request and by appointment.

Are There Good Supermarkets On The Island?

There are many well stocked supermarkets as well as a number of speciality shops that sell A grade meat and other imported items that you may not be able to find in the supermarket.

Is It Safe To Live In Trinidad & Tobago?

Trinidad resembles a metropolitan country!  You must always be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night.Here are some safety precautions:

Avoid walking in lonely areas at night
Keep jewellery to a minimum especially if you are going down town to our City to shop
Do not pick up strangers at the side of the road
Do not get into strange cars
When at home ensure that exterior garden lights are turned on at night
Do not go out with strangers
Have your alarm on
Ensure your home is made secure by the installation of burglar bars
If you love pets, now is your chance to own a dog – we have several orphans on the island

Is It Easy To Rent Office Space?

We have office space for rent on our database and encourage you to view a selection of different options ranging from A class office accommodation to stand alone homes that have been converted to offices.

Can I Rent Short Term Office Space Completely Outfitted?

This is more the exception rather than the rule, but please do discuss this option with us by special request.

Can I Have Pets?

Pets are usually allowed when renting houses, however, most apartment and townhouse developments do not allow pets.

Are There Any Taxes Payable On The Rental Of Commercial Space?

Yes, Value Added Tax (VAT) of 12.5% is payable on the monthly rent.