Why Massy Realty?

Why use Massy Realty to sell your home? 

For almost twenty five (25) years we have been known for challenging the norm in the real estate industry. We embrace change and pride ourselves in being and doing business differently. Our team is straightforward, hardworking, enthusiastic, passionate and honest. The latter is a trait that continues to ensure that 90% of our business is based on repeat service to our existing clients and upon lots of referrals. We obtain for you, our clients, the best price within the shortest possible time frame. We work as a team of professionals to advise you, our client, how we should price your property to market and sell within ninety (90) days.

Our straightforward advice ensures that your property does not become a shop-worn listing. Properties on the market for too long, do not help the owner achieve the best selling price since the market becomes tired of hearing about the property for sale – the market soon realises the property is overpriced or it would have been sold already! Or is something else wrong?


Massy is the most recognisable brand attracting hundred of buyers every month. Our advanced technology allows us to market your property to buyers 24/7.


Our database provides us with intimate knowledge of the sale price of properties and comparable data, which assists in accurately determining the value of your property.


Our agents are willing to work before and after opening hours and on weekends to sell your property. We understand that most of our clients have demanding jobs, we are prepared to assist you and guide you through the selling process.


Our agents are trained to take professional photos of your property and to write comprehensive property descriptions. Follow their lead and the result is your property ready for market!


It takes skill to show and close each sale. Through training and expertise our agents offer expert negotiating skills.


Our marketing and advertising budget is bettered by none! We know and target the right buyer for your property.


First Impressions count! Ask our agents for their honest opinion of what you need to do to your property to get the best selling price!

Please listen to our advice on the suggested asking price for your property whether it be for sale or for rent.  Most owners quite understandably, are emotionally attached, when pricing their own real estate, but we will provide you with comparable data to assist us both in pricing your property within a true market value range.


Our fees are cheaper than in most Caribbean islands and countries where you have invested in real estate. These fees range from 3% – 5%.