North Agents

Anna-Lisa Bell

Anna-Lisa recently joined in Massy Realty in 2015 and specialises in residential and commercial sales and rentals in the North West area. She is a people-oriented person who has been in the service/hospitality industry for the past 20 years. While she is warm and friendly, she takes confidentiality seriously. She not only hears but listens to the needs of her clients.

Mobile: +1(868) 360-6809
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 314

David Alkins

David Alkins has been part of the Massy Realty family since 1993, during which time he has gained experience in all aspects of real estate. He specialises in commercial sales and rentals in North West & East & Central Trinidad and has an incredible memory for product knowledge particularly in commercial real estate.

Mobile: +1(868) 680-2329
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 304

Bridget Jackson

Bridget Jackson joined the Massy Realty team in 2007 bringing with her years of real estate experience. She specialises in residential sales and executive rentals in the North/West Trinidad. Bridget is consistently meticulous and provides excellent feedback. She does a great job of ensuring our expatriate families are provided with a good impression of Trinidad. She is also bi-lingual – Spanish & English.

Mobile: +1(868) 483-2242
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 306

Gordon Borde

Gordon joined the Massy Realty family in May 2012. He brings with him over 45 years experience in the Automotive Field, many of these years in managerial positions. He is well prepared to meet the needs of all his associates, friends, neighbours and new customers in the real estate business.

Mobile: +1(868) 680-5464
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 707

Ian Parkinson

Ian Parkinson joined the Massy Realty team since 2001 and has specialised in residential and commercial sales and rentals in North West & East Trinidad. Ian is patient and understanding, working consistently hard to meet the many demands of real estate and of his clients. He aims to please!

Mobile: +1(868) 681-0816
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 303

Kern Ramsammy

Kern Ramsammy joined the Massy Realty family in 2008. Kern is focusing on residential sales and local rentals in North/West Trinidad. Kern is a great listener and always willing to learn.

Mobile: +1(868) 793-7727
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 701

Cindy Parkinson

One of the newest members of the Massy Realty team, Cindy Parkinson is enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic, warm and friendly. Ready to go the extra mile or above and beyond to ensure the best for the customers. She specializes in the east and central areas of the island.

Mobile: +1(868) 290-3661
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 301

John Marquez

John Marquez became part of our team in 1991 and specialises in commercial and residential brokerage in North West Trinidad. John has been in the real estate brokerage since 1980, and is a relaxed and even-tempered agent who is always willing to “see the other side”. He has a good understanding of real estate in general and provides solid investment advice. John enjoys IT management systems and is a great assistant to us in this respect.

Mobile: +1(868) 678-8047
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 305

Shelly-Anne Wharton-Lake

Shelly-Anne has many years of sales experience. As a sales representative, she has learned how to be patient, detail oriented and proactive. She thoroughly enjoys her work and enjoys the fantastic people she meets everyday. She understands that buying real estate can be stressful. As your realtor, she is competent and someone you can trust to make each transaction as smooth as possible.

Mobile: +1(868) 689-5561
Telephone:  +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 702

Reneasha Lawrence

As a Real Estate Agent at Massy Realty, Reneasha serves both local and international clients from all walks of life, and presents meaningful opportunities of lifelong engagement. She enjoys serving clients in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate, a dynamic that continues to build her knowledge base and experience to meet their needs.

Mobile: +1(868) 729-2316
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 411

Nalini Freeman

Nalini joined the Massy Realty team in January, 2019. Prior to joining us she worked in the Marketing and Distribution division of the Massy group for over thirteen years. She brings with her years of experience in marketing, sales and customer service and always aspires to meet her clients’ specific needs. She specialises in residential and commercial sales and rentals in the North and East-West corridor. Her pleasant disposition will leave her clients with a positive experience.

Mobile: +1(868) 789-3293
Telephone: +1(868) 628-0611
Ext: 418